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Hey! So Glad You're Here.

Hi I'm Roopali Rawat from India. I love experiencing different places, culture, food, heritage and stories associated with each place. The diversity my country India has to offer, its truly inspirational. The serenity of the mountains has always attracted me and that's why trekking heads my list of favourite things. Have been fortunate to have trekked a few and you can catch my documented experiences in the travel blog section. 


Cooking specially baking is my passion and I love to do it for my family and friends. New recipe’s intrigue me so much so that it ends up in my recipe to-do list. Cooking is an art and baking is a huge canvas where I end up giving my own twist. My kids and husband have varied tastes but ‘Indian Desi food’ tops the list and is an all-time favourite. I was a non-vegetarian till a year back but have turned into a vegetarian now by choice. Since we have lived in Bangalore for more than 15 years, south Indian cuisine is something we all relish, specially my younger daughter Antara who swears by ‘Idli’ and my own version of ‘beetroot sambar’. Redness of the beet, sweetness of the jaggery and the sour taste of the tamarind is something which she relishes with gusto. My desserts especially cheesecakes (coffee, pan) , banana & carrot cake is something which i am very proud of too. Anna Olson and Ranveer Brar are few of my favourite Chefs. Their passion for cooking truly reflects in their food. I hope to keep sharing my experiences & hopefully my twist of recipes here.


My professional life also epitomises my love for design and aesthetics. I have been a fashion designer and truly believe in sustainable clothing. I teach fashion and design at Universities in India and Bangladesh and being a mentor and guide to the millenial generation keeps me on my toes and hungry for knowledge and innovative ways of doing things.


Health and Fitness is also a big part of who I am and defines me as an individual.

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