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No bake Biscoff Tiramisu Dessert

The creaminess and the caramelised flavour of the biscoff cream cheese with a hint of coffee dipped lady fingers and the crunchiness of the pecans in every bite is sure to blow your mind away and is guaranteed to become your family's all time favourite too!

My kids love Tiramisu and lately Lotus Biscoff spread is becoming my family's favorite too so i thought why not take inspiration from both of them and try something different. Surely it can't go wrong as both the ingredients is something which most of us love. I tried many permutation combinations before arriving at this one and wanted to share it with all the dessert lovers.

It's super easy, no fuss dessert, no baking required, no egg, it's vegetarian and versatile enough to be combined with multiple toppings of your choice.

Lady fingers(different brands are available but usually 1 packet will have 24 biscuits and Biscoff spread comes in a 400 gms jar) are easily available on Amazon and multiple super markets. I strongly suggest not to replace these with other ingredients as it may not give you the same yummy result !

Cream cheese is the base of this dessert so choose a good quality cream cheese like Philadelphia as it will help uplift all the flavours. Pecans can be replaced with toasted walnuts if you wish. You can double or reduce the quantity of the nuts to half as per your requirement or can completely remove it if you are allergic to nuts.

This tastes best when its a day old so you can make it ahead of time and can be stored for 3-4 days. Normally it doesn't last that long for me as its ravished by the kids (small & big) before that:)


(Serving size: 6-8; Cuisine: Dessert; Vegetarian; No bake)


* Cream Cheese - 250 gms (room temperature)

* Heavy whipping cream - 3/4 cup

* Melted lotus biscoff - 3/4 cup (take some biscoff in a separate microsafe bowl and microwave it for 30 seconds till smooth)

* Lady Fingers - 12 pcs

* Black Warm Coffee - 3/4 cup (without sugar, as the biscuits are already sweet)

* Pecans - 1/2 cup (or as desired), can also replace it with toasted walnut

* Dark chocolate - 3/4 cup (or as desired), can also use milk chocolate.

Below mentioned are the brands which i used for this recipe, alternate locally available brands can be used too.

For garnishing - Chopped Pecans, melted biscoff and roughly chopped or shaved dark or milk chocolate. I prefer 70 % dark chocolate.



* Take cream cheese (ensure it's at room temperature), melted lotus biscoff and whipping cream in a large bowl.

* Mix it well with an electric beater preferably for 3-4 mins. Scrape the sides down so that every bit of the mixture is incorporated.

* No added sugar is required as the sweetness comes from the biscoff spread itself. You can taste and adjust the sweetness by adding more biscoff if desired.

* Once you receive a homogeneous creamy mixture keep it aside.

* Take a single 12 pc packet of Lady Fingers and dip each of the pieces in the warm coffee solution. Coffee mixture should be warm and not hot. Do not dip it in the coffee solution for long or else it will become very soggy.

* Place each of them evenly in a single layer on to the transparent dish. Here i have taken a rectangular tall dish as the layers are visible and looks pretty.

* Cover the biscuit layer with the cream cheese batter which was kept aside. Divide the batter in half so that the proportion is same for the second layer too.Even it out smoothly

* Put some melted biscoff on top in random design.

* With a toothpick or fork swirl around the biscoff and spread it.

* To the cream layer spread the chopped pecan evenly to get that extra crunch.

* Top this layer with the coffee dipped lady fingers.

* Once the second layer is done, if you desire you can drip in the extra coffee solution on to the biscuits and the sides of the dish to add that mild hint of coffee.

* Cover the second layer of biscuits again with all the leftover goodness of the cream batter and spread evenly.

* You can swirl around some more melted biscoff on top to get a pretty design.Since there's no extra sugar granules added in this dessert the biscoff adds that slight punch of sweetness to the cream cheese.

* Grated dark chocolate adds extra yumminess, so not to miss this one. You can design and spread it however desired.

* Cover it with transparent cling foil and chill it in the fridge overnight or at least 3 hours before devouring it:)

Serving suggestion- You can also dust Coco powder/ chocolate/ coffee powder on each l layer like its done for Tiramisu or simply drizzle in some caramel or chocolate sauce.

Enjoy !

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